Saturday, June 29, 2013

Living La Vida London: Paris Weekend (Saturday)

I took far too many pictures today because I lost control of myself. I'm not really one to take pictures of everything, but Paris is so beautiful that it was hard to resist. I would also like to say that the people of Paris continue to be very kind and I would probably come back if I got the chance some day. I would probably speak a lot more French than I do right now and spend more than just a weekend here. I would also worry a lot less about being pick-pocketed. The truth is that Paris is actually a very safe city so long as you're continuously aware of your surroundings.

I saw and did so much today, that I think a bunch of pictures would be much better than me trying to explain every detail of what I saw and did.

 Oh nothing, just the Eiffel Tower up close.
 That lovely lady photobombing my nice picture is the "Sass Master" from Jersey herself, Megan.

 This is basically the main drag in London. It's where they have all their major celebrations and parades.
 Louis Vuitton headquarters, obviously. Complete with golden dinosaur skeletons.

 I'm seeing Notre Dame tomorrow, so you'll be seeing more of this building soon enough.
 This is the church that Owen Wilson sat on the steps of before he was transported back to the 1920s in Midnight in Paris, which happens to be one of my favorite movies and part of the reason I wanted to come to Paris in the first place.

 They were restoring a portion of Sainte Chapelle, but it was still one of the most amazing things I have seen this trip thus far. I cannot even imagine how much time and effort goes toward making this display as beautiful as it is.

And now the Louvre, because it's something you absolutely have to see if you're ever in Paris.

 My girl, Lisa. She's actually much more impressive than people have said. They talk her down far too much in my opinion.
After a long day navigating Paris and seeing some pretty iconic things, our study abroad group went to dinner at this restaurant that was actually very good... except for the part when the steak I was supposed eat was so rare that it actually had coagulating blood still in it. That still sort of makes me want to vomit. We then all headed down as an obnoxiously loud and stereotypically American tourist group to the Seine River where we took this completely wonderful boat cruise along the river. The day cleared up and the sunset was absolutely beautiful, as was the rest of what I saw.

This is the Eiffel Tower sparkling as it does every night. It's kind of amazing.

After thinking long and hard about what I want to get here in Paris, I decided that getting The Hobbit in French and possibly something else that is unique is something that I would be interested in. I'll let y'all know if my mission is successful tomorrow. I'm also eating my first macaroon and French hot dog ever! They say that one of the best ways to experience Paris, is to eat all day and walk to city at night. I'm about to do the former tomorrow. I'm also coming to find that I just might be a little bit lactose intolerant as well as have a little bit of an issue with glucose, but I love both of those this too much to give them up. So basically I'm going to power through the stomach aches and sick spells so that I can do some "French" this tomorrow. It'll be another grand adventure.

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