Wednesday, March 16, 2016

To Grant on His 18th Birthday

For the past two years I have written my brother Grant a letter on here for his birthday.  He's very much alive, I just do this in keeping with tradition.

Dear Bubs,

I haven't been home this past year as much as you would have liked but from what I can tell, it's been a ride. You are an incredibly strong person. I am constantly in awe of how you handle difficult things and find ways to look on the bright side because that's where you'd rather live.

Life is pretty disappointing much of the time but you don't let that get to you. You live by F. Scott Fitzgerald idea that you should "never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat." There have been so many times when something has happened to you and I had no idea how it could end well, but you knew it would... and then it did.

You're loud and brutally honest, silly and kind. It blows my mind that anyone could ever wish you anything but happiness. Sure you make mistakes and don't always get things right, but I can sincerely say that you are good to your marrow.

May you have nothing but happiness and contentment. Happy birthday, you beautiful little fool.