Friday, June 21, 2013

Living La Vida London: Day 7

My feet ache like they have never ached before in my entire existence. I did so much walking today that I think I don't have to exercise for the rest of the summer. Standing to shower was a chore, and all I wanted on the Tube ride back to my place was to sit down and not get back up for a long, long time. I did get my cord and my plug converter thing back, and I got some navy blue Vans because that's what I was told are the best to wear around town.
BUT, I did also do this today:
Was/am I a very happy camper? Absolutely. 
To be completely honest, I was not expecting to be this happy during and after going on this tour. I was interested in going mainly because a lot of the people I'm friends with here were going; I do love Harry Potter quite a lot, but I was not originally set and stone on doing this. With that attitude, off I went. 
After changing lines on the Tube once, taking a 45 minute train ride out into the suburbs and then taking the beautiful bus above, we finally made it. This thing is out in the boondocks of the city called Leavesden and is truly a sight to behold.
 When you first walk into the tour itself, you walk into the Great Hall, and it really is a grand place. Of course the guide asks who represents each house, and of course I had to be the obnoxious American and hoot and holler for Ravenclaw. At least it made some people laugh. The rest of this post is honestly going to be a bunch of my favorite pictures from the tour.

 This one is what my friend Megan and I have dubbed a "Snape Selfie." I just had to do the duck lips. It was only appropriate.




 And then this happened:
It is honestly one of the most gorgeous places I have been to. It was nice to be out of the city and in a more quiet place. It even gets chilly at night over there! 

If you come to London, make the trip out to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. It will make you happy.

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  1. What a great day you had! Your sister in law will be sick with envy. So happy you are having such a wonderful experience. We love you.