Thursday, June 20, 2013

Living La Vida London: Day 6

My feet have giant blisters on them and I left my computer cord in my classroom today. Lovely.

Don't get me wrong, today was an alright day, but the fact that I'm in pain and could possibly be out both a computer cord and an adapter sort of puts a damper on things. I'm getting up early tomorrow and heading straight for my classroom just to see if my stuff is still there. I pray that it is.

The blisters on my feet come from wandering around Charing Cross Road in search of book shops and doing a lot more wondering than finding. I did end up finding one, though. I was able to get a copy of The Hobbit that I don't already have, as well as a few other things. While wondering around, I stumbled upon these two things:

 The Chipotle is already open, but a Five Guys? I did not see that coming. Good on them, I suppose.
I ended the evening by seeing Spamalot and that was pretty good. They rehash many of the things that happen in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but it's not like Lion King in that if you've seen the movie, you've seen the play. I am not a huge fan of the Lion King musical, but I did enjoy this production.
 The walk home was absolutely dreadful; my feet hurt me so badly that I could not walk correctly on them. I'm not quite sure how the whole walking thing is going to go tomorrow, but I'm really not looking forward to it. Every time I go back to my place, I pass Di Mario, which was the first place my mom and I ate when we came to London about four years ago. I had never been out as late as I was tonight, so I hadn't seen what it looked like at night. Needless to say, I had to take a picture.

My unhappy feet and crazy anxiety-ridden nerves are begging me to go to bed. That's probably a good idea.

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  1. Buy some shoes! Should have taken tennis shoes:) I hope you find your cord. I love you! Oh and band aids ... Lots of band aids:)