Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Quick Post

I've really been thinking about what I value the most lately and I have come to this conclusion: I have the best family in the entire world.

My Mom: She is always there for me even if she doesn't exactly understand why the things happen to me that do. She puts us before herself and isn't afraid to be ugly to people who do her children wrong. Some would call that "going mama bear" on someone. No matter how our opinions differ, she always supports me in my decisions. Oh, and she tolerates my obsessions.
My Dad: He supports our family. He does the right thing no matter what anybody else thinks. He likes awesome music and has really interesting stories. He loves us all in the best manner he knows how, leaving no doubt in any of our minds that he does so.
William: He's on the Lord's errand in Barranquilla, Colombia and is subsequently blessing the lives of all those around him and his family back home (even if he doesn't e-mail his sister now and again). He is patient with my twinges of insanity. He is the most kind and loving human being on the planet and thinks the best of literally everybody; to me he represents the epitome of retaining child-like innocence in every sense of the phrase.
Garrett: Ah Garrett... He and I do pretty much everything we can together. He likes most of the same things I like and is my biggest supporter in my obsessive musical ventures. He is probably the only person I can discuss music with because when we both like a band or artist, we find out as much about them as possible and then come back and compare "notes". I enjoy the time I spend with him and appreciate his efforts in trying to keep up with me and my musical knowledge;]
Grant: Oh goodness. I am with Grant more than Garrett actually. Grant has yet to become best friends with anybody outside of his family so we end up doing a bunch of stuff together. Even though our taste in music and movies differs and I'm nowhere near as knowledgeable about football as he is, we still get along. I love that he is always himself and pray that he stays that way all throughout high school because it will serve him well.

So that's my family. I love them and hope they know that without a shadow of a doubt.

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